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I am sure many of you ask yourself, why would I get one more app for music when I have Spotify, Google Music, Apple Music or whatever all the services is called and let me answer with one word: Focus. The reason why I am playing music through my ears with this app while I am working is because that when I am hearing normal music I feel like the music taking my focus and that I start enjoying the music instead of doing what I should do. This means I sometimes quit hearing music doing work as I cannot focus but not anymore now I can hear music which I do not start focusing on but still give me the mood to type or whatever I am doing plus this is not only going to help you focus but also sleep and relax so you can use it for other than work. The app works simple and fantastic like their website and I guess the only catch is that it is not free but you can earn some by sharing with people. It cost $49.99 a year but it is so much worth it so if you are working a place where there are lots of noise but need some quiet then start using this app today.

What I like

What I don’t like


  • Simple
  • Works
  • Helps on sleep, focus and relax
  • Not singalong music but something that helps you focus
  • Offline mode


  • would like to have the app working in waterline mode
  • no Android app yet but on the way.

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