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A group of seemly normal apps for waking up, fitness, to-do, and weather.


Carrot apps

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Normally I am only reviewing one app with screenshots and all but today I have decided to skip the screenshots and tell about 4 wonderful apps if you are into that kind of things. The short line about those apps is that they are all ‘controlled’ by at AI which is either happy or annoyed at you which means that you have to do what the apps tell you or you will get an unpleasant surprise.

Carrot Alarm:

Carrot alarm is as the name says an alarm clock app which helps you waking up in the morning with a little twist. A normal alarm clock would just sound when waking up and that often makes me sleep or snooze longer than I should but no I have to do small tasks to make the app quiet and that is a good way to wake up. If you don’t then the A.I will get mad and really pissed at you while if you do good you slowly makes the app better by earning levels


  • Wakes me up every day after learning how to setup
  • The small tasks is funny
  • Easy and simple but still powerful when you grown in level


  • Music + app is not that easy but can be done.

Carrot Fitness:

Carrot Fitness is my new all in one Fitness app as it has weight, steps, 7mins training in a fun and good way so far even I have not used it that much


  • Works with Apple Watch
  • Funny training
  • So many things in one app


  • none so far

Carrot To-do:

The to-do app of this system and it is just wonderful and loves how it is connected with the sleep app when you get high level enough plus it is also growing in power every day. Only wish I could make alarm times from the start as then I could use it as a single app as while I am in low level I need to use reminders from apple to remember the things at the right time.


  • Funny and got mad at me for not using her in 15 hours.
  • Lots of features when you get them
  • Simple and great


  • No alarm times from the start

Carrot Weather:

Is a weather app which allows you to see the weather near you and so far I feel like it is precise even I am not living in the USA or other places where the payment features work. Like I cannot use the warnings for storms and so on plus complications uses too much power for me to use it as it needs to send signals to the apple watch that way. Some would perhaps say that the premium is too expensive but I like the apps so want to support them future on. If they could fix the power usages for keeping the location updated to the watch it would be great. But for now I just keep it running in the Apple watch Dock


  • Works
  • Tells you trashing and funny things about the weather
  • Time travel which allows you to visit past days or years
  • Rapports at morning and evening at the time you want


  • Uses too much battery when syncing with apple watch
  • Loves the level up to unlock more
  • Funny to make the A.I pissed.
  • Support is that way too if you allow them
  • Some things is a bit far away in levels but cannot wait to unlock them anyway
  • Not fun for some people but I like it

That was all the apps I have use and from Carrot and I am loving it more and more every day there goes so hope it will get even better in the futures

See you around