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Doulingo, Tinycards


If you are looking for a free app which helps you learning languages then Doulingo is the service to go to as they have many languages to learn you and they are adding more and more languages. You can practice on your phone, tablet or internet and some of it even works offline but works best online. I have tried to German part and I am not very good at german even I had it in school for 3 years time. But it helped me learning how to read it, write it and even speak it as you can use the speaker in your phone or tablet to speak it and it will check it out for you. I like that it is divide into parts and that you can set goals for each day and it rewards you for completing training. I recently found out that they will add Japanese which I need to try just for the fun of it. I also recently heard that they are planning to add a pay version which will remove adds and make offline more useful and I feel like they have done lots for me so depending on the price I might go with the pay version.


  • Simple app but powerful
  • Free forever with ads
  • iOS, android, web
  • Goals and rewards
  • Reminder


  • Sometimes ask things you don’t know yet

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