Review of Droplr



iOS, Mac, Windows, webapps


An easy way to upload and share files with friends and family



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I know many apps allow you to upload and share files with your friends and family but this app is so much better for that as you can make the link stop working after a few days and you can share all the files if the are below your max files size which in my version is 2gb which is plenty for me as I plan to use it when I need some files anywhere while also being able to share them on my twitter, WordPress, and Facebook later. The software is easy to use and I just need to find out how to share audio files from iOS with it then it is great but guess it is because I do not have any files Apple allows to share yet but will start using it to keep my ideas all places I want like I use pocket to share all my bookmarks. The software is very simple to use and guess it has replaced all the needs I have for dropbox now as I have sync for files syncing and Jottacloud for backup.


  • Have many paid versions
  • Upload any kind of file
  • Simple


  • I miss having the add-on for other browsers than google chrome as I use Firefox now (might switch back)
  • A way to disable if I want to upload so photos I have taken on iOS

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