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I know it is not long ago that I reviewed Doulingo and the companion app Tiny Cards but this app is too good if you want to learn languages in a visual way and some languages that Doulingo not support yet. When you open the app you will get hit by lots of colours and from there you can pick what language you wanna learn and I have just started using this app to learn Chinese and so far I found it fun and full of learning as you do different things to the words you are learning. Fx one “game” is about that you have 9 letters in a square and then you spell the word by make a worm or another “game” where you are showed the word and then you have to place it on the right picture of the thing which is great. So all is small mini-games you are using to learn doing your 5mins every 10hours which is quiet nice for someone as me who go work at 7am and then can play the game in train to work before going ahead and do it in the evening too. You earn extra time by doing adds, reviews or by using it days in a row. It is a bit confusing if you focus on the signs in Chinese to learn the writing of them so maybe they should make a writing part of the app class too where you spell the word with your fingers across on the screen with some help of cause. Other than that I really like that is so colourful and that you can easy find out which subject you are learning as it is divide into groups which sometimes have a bit small problem but not sure if it is because I am only at level easy but the problem is that the things you sometimes can pick between are showing things from different subject which makes it easy to know it is wrong but as say I don’t know if it is because I am on easy mode. It also have a dojo mode which I don’t what is as I am not good enough to open yet but looks like a hard mode of some kind.


  • Simple app
  • Limited free, but more than 5mins cost money
  • No accounts
  • Colorful
  • Good groups so not confusing about learning all at once
  • Two levels


  • Only iOS

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