Review of Ender’s Game

Ender's Game

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Orson Scott Card

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Ender’s Game series


It is the story of the boy ender who is getting kick out of school, he thinks but really the people in charge are only testing him and ends of going to the next level after kicking some kids who had been bulling him like forever. He worries all the time about being a misfit because of his brother’s hate and his sister love. He story continues on the space station and he is not allowed to feel loved and the plan for him and other kids is to finish off an alien species which tried to kill earth years before



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Science fiction


like the book because it have so many things inside it, first the story of ender (main character), then the story of other people and how his sister and brother tries to do things on earth even they just are kids and I find it easy to know when and where we are in the book. In second thoughts I think it is one of the reasons that my one book is taken place in the past and the future as it gives more to the story. Other than that I like that we believes as much ender do and even we gets hints form different places we do not know what to do about it… I like the movie that has arrived even it not have the thing with the brother and sister in it but still doing a good job


7 out of 6 stars


Yes for sure

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