Review of Evolus 3



An easy stand for all your devices


Enblue Technology


 I have been on the market for so long looking for a stand that could charge most of my devices at once as I was growing tried of having millions of cables laying around on my bedroom table. Then I fell over Evolus 3 on kickstarter and I was like WOW it does all I wanted and even more as in the beginning I was only looking for iPad and iPhone but when I watched it having Apple Watch too I was sold and I backed them right away as nothing came close to it. I got it before Christmas and it was amazing and it looks good and like it a lot but the first one had a faulty lightning port and I was like oh no so I messaged the company and they replied quickly and sent me a new one. So super service and great product so if they get out to the world then ordered them as you wont regret it just don’t be too wild with the lightning port for the iPad as the iPad is a bit too heavy so if clumsy you might break it of. You need the Apple Watch cable yourself.


  • Charges your Apple Watch, iPad and iPhone
  • Have extra USB port for more charging
  • Exist in Android version too
  • Great support


  • Lightning cables a bit weak but not their fault.

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