Review of Flowstate


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iOS, Mac

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A writer app for those who need help focus or they will lose their writing



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The app is an writing app but not like a normal writing app where you write and edit and focus on your looks but instead it is an app where you pick a certain time you wanna write and then you write doing that time which sounds easy enough right? Wrong as if you stop writing for 5 seconds anything you have been writing until then is gone and it will first allow you to copy or anything when the certain time you picked is up. So I am using the app for times where I want to write but have a bit of writing block.


  • helps you focus on writing instead of always look other places
  • Simple and easy setup
  • All normal stuff for a writer when you completes your time


  • Maybe that I miss that I can change the time before the app delete my text like if I know I will have a hard time focus but still want it to help me to focus
  • Want all black look

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