Review of Forest


App Versions:

iOS, Android and add on


Focus on your stuff while support a good course


Shaokan Pi

Known from:

Forest, SleepTown


I fell over this tiny app the other day and I don’t feel like I have a phone addiction but still wanted to try it out and found out I actully used my phone more than needed so I might start using it when I have no plans of using my phone as what the app does is that it prevent you for using it for the time you have decide. Of course you can use it but it will kill the tree you have planted and you wont get the sun. You have one bush and one tree to begin with which is fine but one of the greatest stuff is that it is also having an addon for your chrome browser on your computer that allows you to blacklist all the pages you don’t want to read on while focusing or if you know what sites is good then you can prevent all other by going white list mode. This way I have used it the most but I am not so crazy doing stuff I am not allowed to at work anyway but I use the app anywhere I can because of that they are making real trees if you save up 2500 points in the game so you get focus and support a good course on the same time, what more to ask.


  • Simple app but powerful
  • Cheap with pay if you want extra sun
  • iOS, android
  • Rewards
  • Reminder
  • Gives to a good course


  • Does not sync blacklist or whitelist between browsers

See you around