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Grim Dawn  


I know I ahave been asking lots of questions in my latest reviews but here is a new one, what if you took Diablo 3, gave it a look of Diablo 2 and let a team of 10 people create an awesome game? You will have this game and let me tell you it is awesome as first of all you have 7 classes if you buy the full pack to choose from which each have their speciality and weekness but you are not done there as when you read level 10 you get to pick on of the other classes that you can mix with the class you already have so you have so many choices. Another cool thing is the world as even the story is linair the place is far form boring and unique all the time so to me it never gets boring because you have some many options and a amazing world and I have not even completed it yet. One of the things I hate about Diablo 3 is that you can almost only pick one gear for your hero if you wanna play on high levels while here you play as you like and maybe not all works but still many more ways that Diablo 3. Another cool thing about the game is that there is mods for it so fx I have tried a mod where everytime there was one hard enermy there would be 4 instead so you have a new callenge if you liked. The only Down side is that some people might be scared when they see the grafics but they does not mean that the game is not awesome so go to stream or GOG to buy this game now. I dare you Diablo fans.


  •  Play as you like
  • Cool world
  • As simple or avanced as you like
  • 7 classes which can be mixed
  • So awesome


  • A few bugs
  • A dated look that might scare some people away but the game is awesome



See you around