Review of I am Legend

I am legend

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Richard Matheson

Known from:

I don’t know other books by him so cannot say which of the many things he have made which is what he is known for but at least I guess he is known for this one.  


The story about a man who is all alone in the world but not entirely alone as there is some kind of vampires who came after a major expansion of mosquitoes. Our main man is immune to the virus but it has cost him his wife and daughter. He tries to find out what happened plus makes friends with a dog. He also finds a woman but more I won’t say or I spoil it all for you


160 pages

Sequels or prequels: 

Don’t think so


Horror, Science fiction, Vampires


The book is quite interesting if you like horror books and I like how there are new events almost all the time and it is a good story so would recommend it. I also understand why it made so many movies plus I think it is a bit confusing to call it vampires.


5 out of 6 stars


Not sure I need to read it again 

See you around