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Icebreaker Nordic


I know I said I would review a game and a movie review this week, but the movie is postponed to next week and wanted to review this hardware today as I just got it as I kick-started it. So lets us get down to business with this Icebreaker, by asking you this question… Do you hate ice bags where the ice cubes won’t come out and so on? Then you need the Icebreaker as it is a bottle like tool where you just fill it with water and about 8 hours later you have ice cubes in a more simple way which will drop out when you want it, when you need it and it can be reused a million times without you have to replace anything but the water so it is better for the environment than the plastic bags which often broke even they were supposed to feature reuse. It makes me proud that it is made in Denmark as no offends the Americans have made another way of making ice cubes on demands by building it into the freezer which itself is maybe a good idea, but the price is too high after my mind plus I like it is portable so you don’t have to make sure you bring your glass and you can use it in any size glass. I don’t know how long it keeps the ice frozen if you leaves it outside to freeze, but looks like it does not block the heat so maybe a future version support cooling while staying outside. So go out and buy yourself an icebreaker, you won’t regret it if you need ice cubes.


  • Simple
  • Easy to clean
  • Four nice colours and good design
  • Cheap compared to American freezer
  • Portable


  • Nothing yet

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