Review of Independence Day: Resurgence

Independence Day 2 - Resurgence

Release year:



Roland Emmerich

Known from:

The Day After Tomorrow, Godzilla, The Patriot

Main actor:

Liam Hemsworth

Known from:

The Hunger Games series, Expendables 2

Main actress:

Maika Monroe

Known from:

The Guest, It Follows

Honorable mentions:

Jeff Goldblum


The sequel is good too and I like that they have manage to get so many of the old actor to join them again which makes the movie even better and the story is that we have be preparing 20 years since the last movie and suddenly we are attacked again and the defends we have made is not good enough so we are having heavy damage again. There are comedy in this one too and I liked it except for maybe the ending but really hope they do the last one. I did not mind that Will Smith is not in this one as it made the movie good to make new actors show their skill instead of making you watch only what Will Smith do.



Sequels or prequels:

Independence Day


Science Fiction, Action


This movie is also good and if you like the first one I would say go watch this one too as it have plenty of it all and the only thing I find a bit sad is no toys and a bit stupid ending which they hopefully fix with last one.


7 out 6 stars and I have only seen it once.



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