Review of Jottacloud



iOS, Android, Windows, Mac

App Release:

3.1 (PC version)


A backup/sync software which is cheap and still do a fantastic job plus secure



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Today I want to review my favorite backup software/cloud jottacloud which is a great software which is what I am using for main cloud. When I say main cloud I mean I use it to backup my movies, music, and so on while use icloud for backup of iPhone and sync between my iPad and iPhone so I easy can write my reviews and so on. I am using Jottacloud for my movies and pictures as it have 3 plans: free with 5gb with referring until you reach 100gb with 5gb for each time a freind joins. Business which I know nothing about and last but not forgotten paid where you pay around 8.5 usd each month for unlimited space on all your devices and it even have a sync folder for you to use but I am only using it to backup my NAS as it can connect to that as long you have it connected as a network drive which I do. I like them because they are cheaper than Dropbox and works just as well. They also have apps for iOS and android but not using them so cannot say anything about them other than the iOS icon looks fine. There are two main difference between Jottacloud and dropbox, 1. Dropbox have apps that can connect to Dropbox for different reasons like backup of text files and so on while Jottacloud have not which I do not need when I have iCloud. 2. Dropbox is store on servers mainly in USA as far I know which might mean that american agencies can look easier look what you have. Again as far as I understand. While Jottacloud is store all it’s files in Norway meaning your files is way more secure that way as they have a more personal level on your our security. They have also made a canary which will tell when someone wants a warrent on their users stuff and so far none have asked so it is the best app for backup after my mind even I have nothing to hide and I mean nothing. As you can see on the screen shots it is very easy to use as you just click add folder to add it to the back up or just add it to the sync folder where you will have it on all your devices. You can even schedule your backup so it does not take internet all day and night or use poxies if that is your thing. So it does it all and do it good.


  • cheap
  • secure
  • anywhere except linux
  • so much space


  • so far I can see on screenshots the app look a bit bad but that is not the main point
  • do not have addons which some will miss form dropbox (not me)

See you around