Review of Kolibree Toothbrush



An easy way to become a champion in toothbrushing



Works with:

 iOS and Android


 I know I am normally reviewing apps but today I had to review my new toothbrush which I got monday and have used it 4 times and I love it already so I cannot say other than I love it. You open the app and setup it by connecting it your bluetooth which handles the connection and then you go click on the golden brush into where you pick a game or coach which is what I use and then you start and then it tells you where to brush in some time by light green if you do good and red if bad and then you just brush in the time you have pick in setup and I use max which is 5mins. I like how simple everything is and that you can use the toothbrush without your phone and then sync the app once a week instead but so far I have used the app every time. The only little bad thing about the app is no reminders for remembering to brush your teeth but I have told it to the support who answered quickly so I feel like I am in safe hands with my new toothbrush so buy it as it only cost 100euro. 6 out of 6 as I am sure that my reminders will be added


  • So simple that even kids can find out
  • games for kids and coach for adults
  • good brush
  • gives advices to get even better teeth


  • only one thing, no reminders but I have told it to Kolibree team so hope it get there soon

See you around