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a way to remember all your passwords by only remembering one yoursel


Lastpass Inc

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Lastpass is after my mind one of the best app/addon for remembering passwords at you install it directly into your browser and then you only need to remember one password then you can find the rest in a easy looking interface. With the app/addon you can save website passwords, notes plus you can get help creating some powerful passwords and fill in your infos instead of writing them yourself so all in all a great little software which works anywhere you are no matter if it is iOS, android or windows. It have a free and a premium version which only cost 12usd a year which after my mind is a small price for having your passwords everywhere. if you buy it you get sync between all your apps/addons plus multi factor you can check it out for 14 days.

What I like

What I don’t like


  • easy to install and use
  • installable on any device you might use
  • tells you how secure you are
  • you can tell it to only allow logins form certain countries


  • have been hacked once but they told us so I feel safe as they told they was not hacked at the your passwords

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