Review of Life Cycle

Life Cycle

App Versions:

iOS (iPhone)

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A tracking app so you know how much time you do thing



Known from:

Sleep Cycle which I reviewed before


For a long time I have been jealous on android being apple to see where they go just by using Google stuff but then I reminded myself that maybe it was needed for some ads to show and so on, so I turned glad that it was on iPhone anyway (maybe it is just more hidden) but I still wished I could watch how much time I spend at work, at home and all other place and then I found this little app which is quiet simple. You start it up and then it ask for you to make an account for your backup if you want it and then ask you a few questions like are you working at home and so on before you start seeing a count down saying that it needs to be used for about 2 days before you can see something. Then you let the app run in the background and you don’t even need to have it running as an app you can close it as long you allow background updates. Then after the 2 days time you will see a cycle showing the different place and what you have been doing and if you have SleepCycle too you can see your sleep too. And from there on it just run by itself but if you are going new places you can add them so you can see how much shopping you do or how much time you spend with freinds and that you can do without having Google looking in it. I cannot find it as android app so guess only iPhone for now


  • Simple
  • Nice way of viewing
  • Nice that you can make your own and pick colors
  • Connects with SleepCycle for sleep data


  • A bit expensive when they could have used Apple cloud as backup but guess it might take lots of space (you get discount if you use their SleepCycle backup app too)

See you around