Review of Logan


Release year:



James Mangold

Known from:

3:10 to Yuma, Cop Land, Kate & Leopold

Main actor:

Hugh Jackman

Known from:

Pan, Reel Steel, Australia

Main actress:

Dafne Keen

Known from:

The Refugees as this is her first movie

Honorable mentions:

Patrick Steward


The story follows Logan as an old man who is sick and his healing ability is not the best anymore and he lives in a world where no mutants have been born the past 25 years. Logan lives together with Charles and Caliban where Charles is having some big problems after an accident a year back but tries to redeem themselves when he tries to help a young mutant even that Logan is not much fond of it and of cause bad people want her too.



Sequels or prequels:

X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Wolverine


Action, Drama


The movie is very well played by the actors, it is very mixed between family history and action which does not make it bad in anyway at all and I would say that people who hate hero movies can go watch this one as even there are mutants then the story itself can be told without them as they just gives an extra layer. I liked that it was not just overpowered mutants fighting, I also liked that even it was mutants in it then you could watch it without thinking of them except for the actions.
That the old Wolverine movies had some cool characters in them that not appeared in other movies yet but that is not this movie fault.


5 out of 6 stars as the movie told a great story but almost forgot Logans backstory


I would watch it again but not before DVD release

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