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A DVD & Blu-ray ripper


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I think many people use this kind of software to backup their movies and is looking around for some good, easy software to do it with and this is the first I have found which just “EATS” my DVD’s and gives me nice files which I can save on my NAS and watch anywhere. The program is simple, you open the program, you put your CD in the drive and then click load disk and it gives you all the “movies” on the disk and then you just click out what you need in your file and then it does it’s magic and rips it fast depending on how much power you have on your computer is but it is so fantastic and fast. When done you have a movie. While reviewing this I just noticed that it had more features but have not used them so cannot say anything about them but why would they not work. To make it easier for you to rip movie then I suggest you go in and check on expert mode so you can write the file names plus decide how long the files needs to be at least before adding them to the list of movies you want to rip plus picking a language for them so you almost can click go from the start. I know people will quickly say “Handbrake” and yeah I like that too but cannot get the Blu-rays working in there. The only small minus is that is the files is MKV so either you need to convert them or find a good player for them which is not hard just sometimes I prefer the standard player but have now switched to VLC which also “Eats” anything. Now the most important question arrives. What is the price and so far it is free doing beta but it have been in beta so long but it is so wonderful so I paid the 60usd but it has eaten all my movies so far so why not. Remember ripping is only for personal use.


  • Free while in beta
  • “Eats” anything
  • Simple & fast
  • Other features


  • Maybe the MKV format
  • 60usd is a bit expensive but it works

See you around