Review of Pencil 53



Pen for iOS devices




I know many peoples mind will think of Apple Pencil when you ask them about a pencil for iOS devices but before that a company named FiftyThree made a pencil named Pencil 53 which works across all your iOS devices so it was nice and handy if you wanted to draw on your iPad. I have been having one and I was happy for it until Apple made their own but we are talking about this now. One of the things I liked was that it had it’s own app which would have been the best if cloud sync between your devices but still good for it’s uses. Another think I liked was that you could get in two colours at my time now three but still good to be able to pick what you liked plus it looked like a giant pencil which look cool in a good way. Other than that it was nice they made it work as long your device had a screen it worked and some apps did there best to make the palm rejection, blend and eraser work in their apps and the number of apps grew slowly but stady so all in all a great pen if you don’t want Apples own boring looking pen. I can see that it got some payments inside it now but it did not have before but if I used it I would happy support it which is why I am reviewing it. I forgot to say it lays good in your hand and it feels good to write with.


  • Work with many apps
  • Have own app for sketching and so on
  • Work across iOS devices
  • Eraser
  • Three some nice colours
  • Palm Rejection and blend


  • Features does not work anywhere but lots of places

See you around