Review of Pixelmator


App Versions:

iOS, Mac

App Release:

2.2.1 iOS version


A photoshop like app only cheaper and better


Pixelmator Team

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This is one of the apps which was the main reason that I got myself used to buy apps on the app store as for the moment I laid eyes on it as it came out I knew that this was an app worth buying as it could so many things that normally only was able in Photoshop. At the time I brought it, it was only 20usd while now it is 35usd which is a fair deal when you check it out. It has it own format but if you for some reason need photoshop files this can open and export them. Then after years of use for many things like the employee photos on my company website and other assignment they made a version for iOS which made my life even better even I have not used it much yet. The only bad thing I can think of is that I miss having 53 pencil support which I want to be able to use.


  • cheap
  • better than photos
  • young but good meaning there are many updates on the way
  • Team focus on iOS and Mac on the same time
  • Pixel brush
  • iCloud support


  • no 53 pencil support

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