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Pocket is an app I use to sync my bookmarks between my devices as over the years I have tried Apple bookmark sync, Google chrome sync and others which after my mind not work so well when you use different browsers and devices like me as I use Chrome on all my Windows PCs while my iOS and Mac is Safari so they does not talk very good together and I know that some of you might say that I could just get Chrome for my Mac and iOS but I find it eating my batteries like a rabbit eats carrots so maybe later when they fix that I will maybe do that change but enough of that as the talk is about Pocket. I have been using pocket for a while now but I am not using their profile and recommend to friends and so on as I do not know others using pocket so I use it to be able to get to my bookmarks everywhere and I also use it for scouting as it is super easy to being able to read directly form the source even when offline and they won’t disappear if the site crash or anything as I have paid for having a permanent library which means I can keep all my scout stuff that I have collected over the years inside there and find it easy as there is tags and search. It also works with IFFTT which I will give a review of later for those who have not discovered that wonderful service. The paid version is 45usd a year which is 25% of compared to paying pro month but if you can live with adds and no permanent library then it is free.


  • Permanent Library
  • Tags
  • Search
  • Anywhere
  • Easy, simple
  • Share with friends
  • Save everything


  • 45usd is maybe a bit too much

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