Review of Ready Player One

Ready Player One

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Ernest Cline

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It is a sci-fi book about taken place in our world in the year 2044 where all oil is used and all is very expensive and so on but some James Halliday has made a game like world of Warcraft only bigger and more life like which the world is living inside as it is free and only transport cost money. Before the book is started the creator have died but he had a will saying that he would give a lot of money to the person who completes and get 3 keys so lots of people search for it as all is trying to get the money. And the story starts with Wade Watts (our main character) have found one even he is low level and do not have any money to travel in game


374 pages

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Science fiction, Dystopian


I would like to say I love computer games which makes this one of my favorite stories, I really hope that the writer creates a worthy sequel for it. The novel itself is very gaming like so if you do not like games then I would not say you would like or should read it but other than that enjoy it.


7 out of 6 stars


Yes for sure

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