Review of Red Rising

Red Rising

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Pierce Brown (we have same birthday except he is a year older than me)

Known from: 

Red Rising trilogy


The book is about an boy named Darrow who have is working to collect helium3 which is needed to make Mars a habitable planet. He is married to his wife who is killed when she sing an illegal song and Darrow is hanged for burring after. He wakes up to find out he have been captured by a terrorist group who tries to save “red” people from their work as it is all fake. Darrow is then going undercover as a “gold” to find out more to take them down.


382 pages

Sequels or prequels: 

Book 2: Golden Son, Book 3: Morning Star


Science fiction


I like the book as it keeps surprising me every time I read a page, makes me want to read more and more which makes me go ahead with book 2 and soon book 3


6 out of 6 stars


Yes for sure

See you around