Review of Resilio Sync

Resilio Sync

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iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, NAS

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it is like Dropbox but without the cloud



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Resilio Sync


Resilio Sync is a program you use to sync stuff between your devices without having it in the could so if you like me want to keep your stuff on your NAS then you can install this and sync all your stuff between your computers and other devices. I use it fx to sync my ripped movies between my iPad and my NAS or computer so I can see them there and I know that there are thing like PLEX and so on but I feel the files gets super sized when downloading them and this way I can just watch them or show them on my TV screen with my Apple TV which I like. Another thing I like is the speed that I can sync my stuff which makes it speedy, I know it depends on your internet speed but still. There are two versions, one free and one pro and I have pro as I think it is great things I like fx selective sync which means you decide which of your files you want on each device, Dynamically control access permissions which decide how you want to sync your files. The price for all that is 40usd which I think is fair when you look at the price they started with 40usd a year which is was a bit much… You can also get business versions but since I have not use that then I won’t write about it.


  • Selective sync (I know it is part of pro)
  • Works all OS
  • Fast sync
  • Free version that works


  • A bit expensive for some
  • Hard to remove devices

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