Review of Shazam


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iOS, Android, Mac (review is the iOS version)

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An app/service for telling you the name of song by listening to it


Shazam Entertainment Ltd

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I have tried a few music namer over the year and so far this is the best app there is doing exactly that even that some apps who does the same have more features and other things then this wins for being simple, cheap and accurate and you only need account if you want it to sync between your devices. It works by pressing the icon in the center which the ask permission to use your mic and then listen to the music from there you can pick if you want to hear it in Apple Music or Spotify and others too but I only use it for Spotify. You can see a list of what music you have shazamed and get ideas for new music. Guess that is how the app is and you can get it for lots of devices.


  • simple
  • accurate
  • better than the rest
  • fast


  • nothing I can think of

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