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Sleep Cycle

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Alarm clock app which wakes you up at the time you sleep lightest near the time you want to wake up


Northcube AB

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Life Cycle, Sleep Cycle power nap, and Sleep Cycle heart rate


Sleep Cycle is an app which monitors your sleep and wake you up when you sleep the lightest around the time you want to wake up which makes you feel fresher when you wake up. Before I found this app I used the apple clock and often had a hard time waking up but now I wake up easier and feels better too. The app itself is free with a subscription premium on 2usd every year which makes it very cheap even it is subscription based. I do not remember what I get for the money but one of the things is for sure backup in their secure cloud which I am not sure is needed now we have apple health but I like it so feel the need to support the app anyway. The app is quiet easy to understand as you just pick the time you want to wake up and then you are getting up around that time and the reason I say around is because doing the last 30mins before your sleep ends the app analyses and wakes you when you sleep the lightest, you can change that in the settings. It decides you sleep by sound or by movement and I use both as it depends on where I am and what my sleep plan is as if I just wanna sleep I sometimes hears music or is somewhere with noise then I will sleep with the movement and if not I will use the sound. You can also use the app sleep help but not working on me.


  • lots of sounds to wake you up
  • sounds for sleep
  • connects to apple health
  • lots of things you can do


  • You cannot set the alarm before your bed time as it starts right away (not finding it that bad but heard somebody complain about that)
  • Uses lots of power so remember to plug it in power which it also reminds you of

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