Review of Spiir


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iOS, android (iOS version review and mainly only Denmark)

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A free budget app that automatically adds posts from your bank



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I have tried many budgets apps over the years and I have never found anything better, the only close is iBank but this one is free, helps you make your budget easy and simple while still being so powerful with features like automatically adds posts every hour and that you can make it give notifications if you spend too much money on certain categories. About those categories then it can see where you have used the money and then suggest where it belongs but you can change that if wrong or you know you used the money otherwise. I am so glad I found it again as I had been looking at before but at that time my bank did not allow me to get the posts automatically so I continue searching for one better but now I am back for good and cannot wait to know its full power. I know it is a small detail but I also like their motto “The freedom you deserve”


  • simple and enjoyable
  • automatically adds posts (updates every hour)
  • free
  • works everywhere
  • secure as it has password and Touch ID for iOS


  • As it work mostly in Denmark only but still good for those who can use it, but use Mint if American

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