Review of Spotify


App Versions:

iOS, android, web, computers, PS4

App Release:

3.5.0 iOS review


A music streaming app



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I am sure many people wounded why I will review this app when so many knows it already and when I use Apple Products. Well the thing is I wanted to tell why I like it so much compared to Apple Music and lets start with my best reason. It is cheap even if you have family that have Android or other phones as it works there too plus I can play music from my PlayStation if I like that too so three words can sum it up. Cheap and works anywhere. Other than that I really like that you can follow your favorite music stars and I have not hit a dead link for my favorites yet and your picks helps Spotify making daily and weekly playlist so the more music you hear the more new music you find is my feeling. I also like how simple the app is. When I was younger I brought a lot of music though iTunes and I was like I would never join a streaming service because it is better to have it yourself but after I tried Spotify the music I brought is laying on my NAS even that I have made it easy to connect with it. So now I am only having my movies for stream as I only have danish Netflix and Cmore so still need to buy movies from time to time. I know I am not owning my music anymore but damm I feel great being able to hear music anywhere.


  • Cheap if family
  • Daily, Weekly playlist
  • Simple
  • Works anowhere
  • Lots of music


  • web, iOS and PS4 does not talk together about what I am playing so cannot switch between them. Maybe if I used the app for windows or mac it would be less of a problem but never tried

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