Review of Tayasui Sketches

Tayasui Sketches

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Mac, iOS and android

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Draw like you never draw



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Tayasui Memopad, Tayasui Coloring Books


Normally I am not one who minds paying subscriptions, but this time I found after my mind a gem which was paid once and I like it so much that I brought it to my Mac too, even I knew that I might not use it as much as the iPad version, but the price was cheaper than the subscription I used to pay at Autodesk so I love it and I feel like I have every tool I need and it just work without any distractions plus my pen just work no matter if I want my 53 or my apple pencil. I cannot mention all the tools it has here, but I really like it have copy past with rotate, Color eyedropper, Shapes, different papers and many others. The only thing I miss which I am sure that I am just blind to see is paper size as I really want to use it to draw my own covers so I might make them cartoonish like my Beyond Love Existence. I wanna use pictures to draw after and with this app I can and with many layers it works amazing. I did Wednesday drawing all in my iPad version of it before checking out the Mac version which looks just as finished. Makes me wonder if there will come at Windows version too. So all in all a simple but powerful app which is perfect for my drawing needs and so cheap


  • Simple but great tools
  • Cheap and not subscription based like sketchbook from Autodesk
  • Made for pens
  • Able many places
  • Photo import


  • Maybe if I was able to pick size of paper (not sure if I missed it as I have not used it as much as I wanted)
  • Cloud sync

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