Review of The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower

Release year:



Nikolaj Arcel

Known from:

A Royal Affair, De fortabte sjæles ø

Main actor:

Tom Taylor

Known from:

Taboo, Legends

Main actress:

Claudia Kim

Known from:

Marco Polo, Avengers: Age of Ultron

Honorable mentions:

Matthew McConaughey, Idris Elba


The story starts with our hero Jake who is having some weird dreams/ nightmares at night about a war between two men, a gunslinger and a mage who have been fighting for a long time and they are at the end of the war as the mage have killed all the gunslingers except for the last one and then our hero’s dreams brings the war to our place because he has powers that the evil needs and wants.



Sequels or prequels:

None yet but the books is seven volumes so depending on how many watch it, it might get sequels


Action, Fantasy


The movie itself is a good movie and as a person who have never read the stories then I like it quiet a bit as it has plenty of action plus it have a good way to tell the story while still giving the action. I felt that I missed some back story of the people at times like why they were fighting and so on as we appeared in the end of the war plus I expected a bit more fight between the good and prime evil as it ended quiet fast but they were “fighting” the whole movie. As I last thing then I found the acting at bit weird at times too like when our hero escapes the evil, his parents searches for him but when his parents goes missing too the people next door does not finds it weird even that their son spends a good deal of time at the place.


5 of 6 stars as a few things brothers me but like it overall



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