Review of The Neverending Story

The NeverEnding Story

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Michael Ende

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Lots of kids books 


The book is the story of a young buy who escapes to bookstore when chased by bullies but the shop owner do not like kids so he tries to get ride of him too. But the kid gets is hands on a book named the neverending story by stealing it and he starts reading it at the school and suddenly he is transfer to a world of Fantasia where a childlike empress rules but the world is being harmed by nothing and so the adventure starts with lots of things


448 pages

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Normally I would not review kids stories but this time I do it as not long ago I found out that of my favorite kid movies is a book too so I needed to read it too… Guess most of my favorite movies is made on books some way or another but anyway the book is good and Ende is good to describe a world inside a world and Fantasia is like it is there in your head so good description and story.


5 out of 6 stars


I won’t be reading it again for a while but it is not bad in anyway

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