Review of Transmit


App Versions:

iOS or mac (review is the iOS version)

App Release:



Coda, Transmit, Prompt


Panic Inc

Known from:

FTP, SFTP, WebDAV or Amazon S3 connection


Before when I needed stuff on my NAS at home I would either sync it with Bittorent Sync and done file movements on my PC back home as it is connected to my NAS as network drive. Then I fell over this wonderful app whose company I had been using coda for webdesign before I jumped over to WordPress at the moment but have learned a lot of cool stuff lately so might jump back but back on track I was like they made Coda which was fantastic so I felt safe going on this app and slowly started using it and found it super easy to setup and before I knew it I was moving files around like I was at the computer and by mistake I noticed that it could rename all my files at once and no matter what I did, I could do it like I was seating in front of a PC or Mac… I love it and I hope they will continue to make this app fantastic. I might switch my backup of my NAS to Amazon S3 so I can connect to that with this app and will get in for mac soon too. The only thing I need to learn is how to setup a connection to my NAS form outside my home network but that is hopefully easy.


  • Have rename build in meaning you can change name on one file or lots in one time
  • Just work and is simple even for a guy like me who does not do this often
  • You decide if you want code on or not
  • Works with the other apps form Panic Inc


  • None I can think of, but I am not an advanced user of it

See you around