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Mac, Windows

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Control your data use



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If you use a lot of data on your computer without know what uses it then take a lot at TripMode which allows you to see what use data plus you can block app you don’t want to use data on if you have certain amount of data doing a period of time which works nicely. I am having unlimited data on my internet so you would say I have nothing to use it for but I use it to block apps that use data while I game and so on, so it has all the internet it can get. I can also use it when going holiday so I can focus their slow internet on what matters. The only wish I had was that you was able to control the speeds instead of only blocking or not which is good enough as I don’t need to closes apps anymore.


  • Simple (cheaper if you buy windows and mac version together)
  • Cheap
  • Profiles
  • Remembers
  • Max data usages


  • None

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