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Markdown writer with cloud sync


Ulysses gmbh & co. kg

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Since I started trying to write my novels and ideas I have always been looking for a great app to write it in. I started in word then moved over to Scrivener which had some cool features but I did not feel at home because I missed having my stuff on my iPad and iPhone too so I got tired of it. One day my prayers was heard when I discovered Ulysses which at that time only had an iPad and Mac app but they promised they was going to make an iPhone app which they made by making the iPad app universal. I know that later Scrivener got an app too but too late for me and I feel this is better because it have iCloud sync, markdown language, dark theme and white theme by default plus they have publishing to WordPress and Medium while also making me able to make PDF or whatever I want my book to be in. When I got it they were selling it, now they are making it subscription priced and I don’t mind as I have the money for it plus I know it will help them making the software even better. It is the best writing app I have used ever and I just love every part of it. They have also made it possible to import word files.


  • iCloud sync
  • Markdown language
  • Themes
  • Export
  • Publishing
  • iOS and Mac app
  • Word importer


  • None, except for the price which some people does not want to pay

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