Review of Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Release year:



Luc Besson

Known from:

The Fifth Element, Lucy and many other cool movies

Main actor:

Dane DeHaan

Known from:

Chronicle, A Cure for Wellness

Main actress:

Cara Delevingne

Known from:

Suicide Squad, Pan

Honorable mentions:

Clive Owen, Rihanna


The story takes us the future where a collection alien species is starting to live together with humans and we have build a major place called alpha and we are following two agents of this world, one guy named Valerian and another girl called Laureline who is out on a mission to return stuff back to the humans but Valerian have weird dreams and they are on the way to see things they never was meant to see



Sequels or prequels:

None, hopefully only yet


Science Fiction


Wow, this movie is what I like about science fiction movies as they can have a fantastic universe and after my mind this is so great as there is so may species and you are not bored on second of it all and there are funny parts, action and all what you need. Reminds of Ender’s game and The Fifth Element which if I find time the next days is on my watch list again


7 out of 6 stars as it is now one of my favorite movies


Sure I love movies like that and I wanna live in the setting as finally I might feel normal there

See you around