Review of WaterMinder


App Versions:

iOS (mainly iPhone but iPad and Apple Watch too)

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A water reminder app


Funn Media

Known from:

Healthview, Orbs and Relaxtopia


The app WaterMinder is a simple but great water reminder app which I use to focus myself on my water intake as I am not so good at drinking and I have been using it on and off depending on my mood but I have decides to cut my frizzy water use and drink about 2L of water every day instead. The setup is simple you write in your height and weight and sex inside and then it decides how much water you need to drink which you of cause can change. You can get reminders at pre installed times or make your own which also is about the bottles like I have decide I want a 700ml bottle instead of the normal 500ml as I have that size of a bottle. About the reminders you can decide if you want them all the time or just until you are done drinking your goal for the day. The latest news from the app is that there is achievements which I like which is part of the reason I am going to cut my frizzy water use. Other things is that you can edit all the units for you so it works no matter if you are American or form Europe. The app also adds itself to your Apple Watch if you have one of those plus it sync with Apple health which was the main reason I got it long time ago


  • sync with Apple health and iCloud if you want it on your iPad too
  • reminders when you want them
  • plenty of settings
  • achievements
  • history
  • fast support


  • nothing I can think of

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