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Today I want to review something that we all use and that is WordPress which itself is a way of hosting websites easy either at your own devices or another webhosting sites while is a place owned by Automattic who helps WordPress grow as one of the creators of it have founded the company. Normally I would go with free things and maybe host my own website but I am not good at those things so I am paying for the hosting here to be few of adds and so on at my website. By hosting at I am also able to get all the help I need if I get something which is why I got the mood to review them today as I was having a theme on my old WordPress site which I had forgotten all about until I read that my old website soon would be stop being premium and then I noticed the theme was only for my old site so I asked the support if I could move it and even as my browser crashed they sent me some credits and now I have it on this site which is the blue theme I am using now. So many thanks to and the team behind it. Another thing about it is that you have plenty of space for pictures as right now I only pay like 36usd a year and I got no adds, 6GB space and domain which is fantastic while if I wanted to do it all by myself it would be 51usd for a bit more space but no fantastic help. So cheap and good support plus lots of themes you can either get for free or pay for to make your website look exactly like you want to so I don’t see the point in wasting lots of time trying to do it all by yourself in HTML, CSS or whatever language you wanna use. About the price then I only have the cheap one after the free one and if you need more things then you can buy the next at 100usd a year or 250usd for it all.


  • Fantastic and helpful support
  • As cheap or expensive you want it
  • Lots of themes
  • Make website in 10seconds
  • Simple but super powerful


  • Personal level none while others might want to have more control

See you around