Review of Yoink


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Mac, iOS iPad coming soon

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Place for your stuff


Eternal Storms

Known from:

ScreenFloat, Glimpses, Transloader, Flickery, SiriMote


Let us start this review by asking you something… Do you use full-screen apps on your mac? if yes do you miss a place to keep your stuff then you don’t have to look no more as this wonderful app lets you keep every thing you need on your desktop like pictures for your website that you are coding or some text you was about to insert but had forgot to code the text for it or so many other ways which is so great as no more searching for the stuff you need again after you found it so it is just an amazing small software that just works. You can even delete your stuff from the placeholder and get it back if you delete it by mistake and with the latest update it can take stuff from you clipboard if you and adds it which is amazing too so all in all a great and simple app which is everything I think of when having a mac app… only sad thing is that I thought I need it for so long. And the last cool thing is that it is saving your stuff even you have to turn off your laptop which is so awesome too


  • Just work
  • Add almost everything
  • Easy window in different sizes
  • Always there when you need it
  • Keeps it until you need it even restart or mistake removal


  • Mac only

See you around