Normal Times


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Mafia, Siblings, Police, Civilians


The story is about 3 siblings who have lost there parents in a car accident as very little so each of them have been adopted into their own little family of joy and now 25 years later they not know each other at all and they are each very different form the other. One (guy) of them is the beloved son of an big mafia boss who controls most of the city and the son is the next one if something happens to the boss because he is only child to the boss so he is on the wrong side of the law for sure. Another (guy) of them is the son of the police chef in the town and he is doing his best to become the best police officer of his generation and is living his wonderful life on the other side of the law. The last (girl) of them is clever person who is just living a normal life in the town without thinking about what is right and what is wrong like normal peoples do. the 3 of them lives so differently that they never had meet each other before one day where the cop is out on route and watched the woman on the beach and falls for her good looks without knowing it is his sister so stops the car and they connection between them starts and times go by until the mafia son shows up and falls in love with her too. The girl things he is the cop in other dress so she just goes on with him where she left of with the other without thinking it is not the same guy. In the meantime he starts a rampage in the town trying to get the cop killed but he is too good. A lot of things happens between the two guys that I not know what will be yet but on day they meet in person and finds out how much they look like each other and they know something is there between them and they start learning each other lives while still attacking to be sure no one knows they are friends until one day they find out they are family and they are in love with the same girl they start fighting over her with their own things again as they are really pissed on that. An other mafia boss finds out they are related and then I do not know more yet.

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