Sunshine Over The Empire


Normal Times




Friends, Family, Spies, Korea


it is begins with 2 kids a girl and a boy living in Korea before 2nd world war and they are best friends and they was very close friends until the war is started but they stayed together until Korea was spilt into north and south and the girl was north and the guy was south. many years later they have forgot all most anything about each other and becoming a spy form each other country and one day the guy has to find out about something about the north while the woman have to find out who the spy is. when they met they do not remember each other but one of days doing the mission the woman do something that the guy remember that his friend did so long ago but he do not have the currish to ask her. the woman still not know he is the friend and start to pretend she is in love with him to find out if he is spy or not she finds out but and she is about tell it to her leaders. but then he ask if she is a friend he had many years ago, first she does not remember but after a bit talk she finds out. She do not know if she want to keep it a secret that he is a spy or what to do because on the one side she have to tell the bosses or they will torture her and maybe kill her and on the other side she has to send her best friend to a champ. She picks to let him go for now while she finds out what to do and ends up finding a plan to escape with him. They escapes and get to China but the people she used to work for have followed them and now a time to escape them again or become killed.

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