Normal Times




Hitman, action, death, guilt


The story is about a hitman who we follows around form one killing to another and every time he ends up in the same bar with the same drink feeling the guilt of killing the person he just did before going home to his lover, which makes the people who hire him wonder if he really is the right man for the job so they make a test for him to find out if he is. Doing the test all is fine until a few days before the shoot as they find out he is really not killing the targets, he is just making it look like they are killed and then offers them a new life so no one knows they are alive. The hires are angry and send their best men to kill him because he has tricked them for so long but in reality he is a very good killer, just someone have paid him to kill them instead and he hunts them down one by one while their security get tighter and tighter but suddenly is his love on the list as she is part of the former group by the “real” hires and he try to finds out what to do so he tries to make the real hires kill the old hires by seating up a meeting but when the hires finds out he switched again he is getting hunted by the together and he tries to kill them all but there are too many so he has to fake his own death and escape them that way together with his love.

See you around