Sword of Corruption


Accident Times




Adventure, Good vs Evil, Evil swords


The story is about a free time driver who’s family always had a secret between themselves and the rest of the world. They are the protectors of an ancient and powerful sword that is the reason for the corruption in the world and it could have been far worse if not his grand grand grandfather had been sacrificing himself to stop the demons from using it against men. it is now exactly 666 years since that time and evil is once again ready to corrupt the minds of the weak humans. Our hero meets a young lady who seduces him to give her his number but unknown to him, it is a damon who just want the number so it can track and find the sword. The days goes and slowly weird phone calls starts to happen with a burning sound in the background. One day his grandfather calls and tell him he have some really important to tell him so he shall travel to him so they can talk right away. The guy does as he is commanded but at when he leaves town he gets a phone call with the female voice telling his grand parents is death and that he will be joining them soon. he throws away his phone and drives so fast to the house only to find it burning and the bodies of his grand parents hanging with their heads down on a satan star. He take them down one at the time and when he takes his grand father down he finds a little map showing the map of tokyo with 7 stars on and then he knows that they died protecting something and now the race against the demons and hell itself starts.

See you around