The Fire/Stone Worms


Normal Times


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Monsters, action


The story about a guy who is living with his family where all is good but one day when he is out traveling with his best friend he is family is attack by a monster which destroyed the house and he has to take the fight against them but the monster is not a normal monster as it cannot died plus it is very big so it is not just small task and what worse is that he and his family is the only ones able to see it so he tries to destroy it and uses anything he can get his hands on and soon he gets the monster killed and all is good he thinks but the monster is not dead it is just restarted and now there are two of them half the size of the first one. While he is fighting against them he family is kidnapped by old woman who is the one who have created the monster as she wants revenge against the family for something they did long ago so the key to the monster is not the monster itself but her. He meets up with his good friend and finds out that he has special powers and is one of the main reasons he can see the monster. The friend starts trying to save the family while he attack the monster but every time it looks good it just divide into monsters while also getting stronger. The friend finds out that the old lady is behind it all and it become a match between the guy and old woman in magic where she create more of those monsters and he learns he can create his own. It is a massive fights but in the end, he beats the woman with his monsters and all is good again


  • the worms is like the ‘dune’ worms just more powerful as they are of fire and stones while the heroes is having air and water worms