The seventh day of the seventh lunar month


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Based on the story about the seventh day of the seventh lunar month is the day when the legendary Cowherd and Weaving Maid meet each other for their once-a-year tryst over a bridge formed by sympathetic magpies over the Milky Way. This day is a festival for girls and young lovers. In the old ages, there was nothing blue skies. The supreme God thought it was too dull, so he asked his seven daughters to make a cloth for the sky. The youngest daughter was a very careful girl. She spun the colorful yarn with the seven-color flowers and made a very beautiful cloth for the sky. The Supreme God was so happy that he referred to the youngest girl as the “Weaving Maid”. Weaving Maid always looked down at the view of the human world when she felt tired of weaving. One day, a young man who was cultivating the land called her attention to the world. This man was Cowherd. One day, Cowherd’s old cattle told him that the Supreme God’s seven daughters would descend to the world to take a bath the next day. If he can hide Weaving Maid’s clothes, she would be his wife. Cowherd decided to have a try. On the 7th day of the 7th lunar month, Cowherd waited in the bush along the river. Soon after, the seven celestials flew down from heaven and jumped into the river as expected. Cowherd took Weaving Maid’s clothes and run away. The celestials were disturbed by the noise and six of them put their clothes on and flew away, leaving Weaving Maid alone. Cowherd asked Weaving Maid to marry him, and Weaving Maid nodded her head after she found Cowherd was the man she loved. Then they married that night. In two years, they had a boy and a girl and led a happy life. Seven years had passed; the Supreme God finally found Weaving Maid hadn’t returned to the Heaven. He was so angry about her marriage that he insisted that Weaving Maid to go back to the Heaven. Cowherd put their two children in the wicker basket and took them to chase their mum. However, the Supreme God created the Milky Way to set them apart Weaving Maid and Cowherd. At that moment, thousands of magpies formed a bridge over the Milky Way to let them meet. The Supreme God had no choice but to allow them to meet on the night of 7th of 7th lunar month every year.

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