The Stone


Normal Times


Not sure yet


bullies, time travel, love


The story is about a young man who have been teased all people in his short young life so he goes on adventure to some cave which have not been explore so much yet and he starts to enjoy the place there as no people are around him to tease him so he feels home there. One day when he is really long down in the cave, the entrance to the cave collapses and because he is all alone in the world, he knows that he never will be found again so he decides that instead of feel fear and start exploring the cave even more and falls over a room with the most beautiful rocks he have ever seen and he notice some stranges object in the center of the room. He walks closer and just manage to take a grip on the object before a stone falls form the celling and hits him and knocks him out. He wakes up again when feels people touching him and is about to yell it is his place but the people have cloches on he never had seen before so he remains quiet and keep a hard crib in the object as the other people is all focused on the place. Suddenly a woman speak english “who are you, and why are you wear that old cloches?” the man turns slowly against the voice of the woman and is about to yell back that those are normal clothes but the place start shaking and the men takes him and they all is running out of the cave where he faints by the future city looks. And then his story starts with lots of things that I have not thought of yet but in the end something happens which makes him want to return to his time and he wakes up in hospital and thinks all the adventures of the future was a dream after a rock hit him in the cave until a nurse says that they survived and points at the lady he met in the future and then he watched the rock laying on the table next to him and the nurse said “You wear holding hard on that and the woman so your saviors thought they meant something to you” and the he knows it all where the future and not just a dream.

See you around