Three Kingdoms


Future Times




Adventure, Good vs Evil


The story is about China in the future and it is divided like it once before and it happen after a nuke have destroyed most of Beijing and killed the leaders of the country wipeout and leaving the rest of the radioactive. The 3 parts of China is rule by 3 different leaders, in the north a evil leader is trying to make a force so massive that he can conquer china and the rest of the world, in the west is the wise but less attacking female leader defending the country her father gave her 2 years before and to the east the strong and powerful brother to the leader of the west. They have no idea of what to do against the massive evil army until a mysterious old monk entering the palace and tells he know where the remains of the greatest warrior of all times, the legendary Gong-Sun Sheng. To their bad luck the remains is long inside the evil lord country. They quickly find out that it is better to send a small army instead of a big one. The army gets there but on the way back they get attack because one of them is a traitor but they find a old lap where which they defend while they clone Gong-Sun Sheng. They get him clone and he use his magic to win over the attack so they can continue the way home. When they get home they be ready for the final fight. The fight begins and without the knowing the evil lord have cloning Gong-Sun Sheng too so the armies is quickly destroyed but in the fight against himself the good clone dies and the fight between the brother and sister against the evil lord and evil clone is starting. They win the fight.

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