Tripple Soul


Future and past


It is taking place on another planet but it is still humans living there just here there the 24 hours we have here is spilt up in 3 zones instead of night and day like here because the planet is going around 2 suns so there is 8 hours of darkness, 8 hours with one sun and 8 hours with 2 suns and and they are called night, day and 2day but of cause when I am writing the book I will make sure that anything is explained in a good way.


Timetravel, Fight against yourself, Love


The story is about an guy who is living a normal life on another planet where there is 2 suns and where you sleep at night and work when only one sun and is in door when 2 suns and one day he sees a girl he thinks he knows but the woman does not know him so he just keep living his normal life until one night when he sleeps he dreams and meets the girl again and slowly he finds out that his dreams are about the an past life, he had and one day he is so tired after working the day that he is falling asleep doing the 2 sun time and there he dreams another life and but because of the past dreams he fast finds out it is his future life but still making him so comdused. Slowly he finds out that the the past is his training, the present is the last chance he has to win a fight against evil and future him is trying to tell him the story of what will happen and he finds out that the girl he thinks he have meet is an woman he have sworn to protect many life ago but he have fail each time and so the story repeats itself and this time is the last try for them or evil will control the world forever as the woman have used most of her power to make the story start over so many times now. So now he use what is learns each time he sleep doing night to not to do the same mistakes as before and then do the right things doing the day while trying to make the woman remmeber their story together and then watch the changes of outcome in the future he dreams about doing the 2 suns time. it is interesting if he can learn of all the mistakes the past versions of him did, make the girl remmeber and save the world or end his life as a crazy man because of his tripple soul.

See you around