Universal Love


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Love, Aliens, Evil


The story is about a young woman and young guy who is falling in love with each other like the most people do but the woman is secretly an alien from another planet, who together with her family have escaped some evil so there have been living on earth in secretly so no one notices. The evil attack earth in the way to find the family who escaped him because the woman is having the power source for his most deathly weapon (a toaster) when they are attacked the girl is needing to tell her guy the truth about her and her family, he is a bit weird when he sees her real look but love her enough to be hers and help her in the fight against evil. They go fight the evil and all his guards and gets to the evil. The evil have in the mean time captured the girl’s family and all hopes are lost when the girl gives the power source to the evil in return of her family. The evil starts the toaster and an electric security fails and turning all the spaceship black. While the evil gets the power back the guy takes the power source and runs away with family and girl but ends up fighting the evil and wins. Because he won over the evil he can marry with the woman he have saved and the day after the wedding the woman give birth to a little sweet squid (baby with cute eyes and cute face but with octopus arms and legs and a bit gray) and then a picture showing them all

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