War against Romance


Normal Time




Love, Annoying Love, War against Love


This is the story about person, who have been in love 3 times and each time the woman is saying no to him in the church, which make him angry at romance so he declares it war. He stats he never will fall in love again and as revenges he starts dating a sweet and beautiful lady so he can break up to her at the wedding when he come so long. In the beginning, the woman does not want to talk to him, but soon she falls in love with him and him with her or so she thinks. Each day the romance evolves and they begin talking about all the happiness as love brings but it is still only the woman who loves the guy. One day the man is on his way home to her apartment and sees the woman going out of building with another guy so he quickly hides between a tree and watch them as she kiss the guy. Suddenly he feels angry and annoyed on the guy for taking his girl but he stops himself because why would he mind that because he does not love her at all or does he. He go home and think the things clear and at the middle of the night he wakes up form a dream about the guy with his girl and that make him settle that he will fight for her. The next day he go directly for the flower and chocolate shop and then form there straight to her apartment and shows her how much he loves her. He take the stairs running and when he gets to her apartment is all he gets a closed door in the face because the girl have found out that he just was playing in love with her and says she never wants to see him again but inside she still loves him but right now, she hates him. He go his way, sad mood because he was so stupid to take revenge, he go home and find some alcohol and start drinking. 2 weeks later, he sees in the newspaper that the woman is about to get married which make him take one last chance to get her back. The wedding day come he tries to get to the church but he is about to get late because of traffic jam, but he manage to get there just in time for the priest saying the words. He stops the wedding by falling on knees telling how sorry he is and how much he really loves her. The other guy calls some guards and when they is very close to her, she screams stop, I love him too and then turns around on to the amazed guy, who is speechless and then she runs down to him and kiss and hold around him and start saying sorry too. Then families stand up and is leaving the church and the other guy too and then they get married.

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